About Us

Créme De Canna

Inspired by the ever growing knowledge and information about the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis, Créme De Canna’s founder was driven by a global vision of providing legal cannabis products to the world. 

In 2010 Créme De Canna was born and began supplying the State of California with legal medical cannabis products. A sweet product indeed, was their Fox News featured Cannabis infused Ice Cream! With flavors like Bananabis Foster, and Straw-Mari Cheesecake an exciting and delicious way to enjoy cannabis was available to the patients of California, under the prop 215 medical cannabis laws.

With the success of the Ice Cream Products, it was time to open one of the first cannabis dispensaries in Santa Cruz, California. Providing a first of it’s kind world class experience buying locally grown and sourced cannabis products. 

In 2012 Créme De Canna grew to include a cannabis extraction team that would provide high quality extracts to the evolving cannabis market. The success of Créme De Canna’s products and extracts was highlighted by the numerous awards won over the years, including: 

Santa Cruz People’s Choice Cup 2010 – (Best Product / Ice Cream Winner)
Santa Cruz People’s Choice Cup 2011 – (Best Dispensary & Product Winner)
Santa Cruz Cup 2016 – (Best Extract)
Chalice Cup 2017 – (2 awards) (Best THC/CBD Product & Highest Testing CBD Product)
HempCon Cup 2017 – (2 awards) (Best CBD & Highest Testing CBD Product)

Integrity, growth through sustainable practices, and community involvement, helped Créme De Canna see it’s way through the hurtles of California’s prop 64 Cannabis Legalization in 2018. 

2020 brings Créme De Canna to the celebration of it’s 10th Anniversary! Our team has continued to grow, and we are thankful to provide more cannabis products and services than ever before! 

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