Type 7 Extraction Services

Créme De Canna offers a range of services to help licensed CA producers achieve their goals. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Let Créme explain what services are right for your company, including process options and pricing. Utilize our extensive statewide network of Licensed Cannabis Suppliers and affordable packaging solutions.

Quality solutions to fit your needs!

Extractions can be conducted using your material or our material.
(additional rates may apply)

Many consistencies are available to choose from:

Cannabis Extract Crumble Consistency
Cannabis Extract Wet Sugar Consistency
Wet Sugar
Cannabis Extract Badder Consistency
Cannabis Extract Sugar Consistency
Cannabis Extract Diamond Consistency
Cannabis Extract Sauce on the Rocks Consistency
Sauce On The Rocks

Cannabis Extracts Terp Diamonds Consistency
Terp Diamonds
Cannabis Extract Chips Consistency

Cannabis Extract Shatter Consistency
Cannabis Extract High Terpene Extract Consistency
High Terpene Extract (H.T.E.)
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